Monday, March 15, 2010

Vote for Measure

Measure - Click! Vote! Every Day!
Livescribe, manufacturer of the Pulse smart pen is conducting an application competition which I am participating in.

My entry is an application that's extremely simple to use called Measure. As the name implies, you can measure with it anything smaller than your Livescribe notebook (a case in study: a space shuttle) - just double tap to set the anchor on paper, then tap to measure the distance from that anchor point and get the measured distance on screen in centimeters and inches. You can double tap again to set a new anchor point.

Here's the link to Measure on the competition web site:

Voting will take place until the end of the month and you can vote once per day. So remember to vote again every day.

When you play the video, you'll see it still relates to my spacepirations. Also, when I win, the reward will fund my strides closer to space, from this blog to attending space conferences to NASTAR suborbital training (more about this soon).

To summarize:
1. Go here.
2. Click on the thumbs-up icon.
3. Repeat steps 1-2 every day until 4/1/2010.

Lastly, this is a game of numbers. It would be great if you sent a link to your friends, family, acquaintances, enemies, BFFs, mail-man, senator, congressman, kids preschool and even tell that weird guy that you see running in flip-flops every day at 6am.



Laksen Sirimanne said...

Amnon, you got it. Just voted. Let me know what your thoughts are about NASTAR. Is it worth the $3000 or is it less expensive to rent an aerobatic aircraft like the Extra-300 for 10hrs.

Amnon I. Govrin said...

I will, when I take the training. Since it entails high altitude and high G training I think it is fairly different than the plane.

In the mean time, vote every day and tell everyone!