Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spacepirations is Growing Up

A little over five months ago I started to write this blog, inspired by other blogs of space enthusiasts and astronaut hopefuls and by a vacation that entailed a visit to Kennedy Space Center. My life has been greatly enriched, both by the enjoyment I get from telling my story and perspective, and by the numerous people I have come to know during this short time.

It's time for Spacepirations to grow up a little. From my alien brain to a name of a blog to over 1400 results on Google, now it is also a domain name - Those of you who have been following probably have noticed the look and feel tweaks, all meant to make it more pleasant to read and easier to share and comment.

What I learned along the way was that I'm writing less for myself and more for everyone else who has space-aspirations themselves or just intrigued by a Joe-regular that decided to look up and expand his life to where no Govrin has gone before. It is amazing to see I have readers in countries I haven't visited and can't really visit holding an Israeli passport. And yet, the Internet has almost no boundaries and word of a single person can reach places half across the globe without being a media mogul or getting picked up by the old-school media of TV, radio and print.

I hope that my presence on this virtual world will continue to unfold like a river delta expanding and diverging as I make more steps in the real world towards my dream.


Laksen Sirimanne said...

Hi Amnon,
Please keep up the great work on your blog. It is very informative and interesting reading. I remember when you first started the blog and I linked up to it from Brian Shiro's blog. You blog posts are great especially for another space enthusiast like me who is another person who started wanting to fly in space and be an astronaut much later in life. Your efforts are quite inspiring. Great kudo's from Heather at Pillownaut. Congratulations! You deserve it.

Amnon I. Govrin said...

Thanks, Laksen!

Yes, Heather got me blushed... I will extend the Prolific blogger soon as well...