Monday, December 14, 2009

Starwalker - I'm In!

Late last week I got an e-mail from the Starwalker TV show telling me I am one of those who will participate in the first show. In what seems to be a semi secretive, or possibly mischivious manner, no specifics were given as to where that first episode will take place, although a discussion I started on the Starwalker facebook page revealed there are 3 confirmed locations - USA, UK and Australia and a possible eastern hemisphere location (is Russia putting up some resistance?). Since us competitors are required to pay for travel for the first episode, that will help since no one would have to fly half way across the globe.

My fitness goal of running Bolder Boulder in May just got replaced with half a marathon. If you know me for more than a few months, at this point you're shaking your head, rolling your eyes and looking for the phone to call us and ask my wife, Sofia, if she's sure her husband wasn't replaced by a Stepford husband or a Cylon...


Irene said...


Anonymous said...

I would get specifics before spending much time or any money on this effort. There are two stories about this here:

Amnon I. Govrin said...

Intriguing, though why the anonymity?

Unknown said...

Many would use anonymity because of their past experiences with Mr Nolan.

If you did your research, you would know why a lot of people have gone running from this project at the mention of his name.

NASA has denied any involvement with this, as well as Hawking. Three companies that Nolan has claimed production partnerships with have emphasized that there is NO partnership or agreements in place for this project.

Mr. Nolan has made every effort to squash people that ask hard questions that deserve to be answered in regard to this massive undertaking. As a result another forum has sprung up at FB exposing him for what it is.

Do your research, and you'll find you're dealing with a known fraud with abusive tendencies. Don't believe me? Go ask him some hard questions. Ask for proof. You won't get it. You'll get the same treatment Doug Messier got a Parabolic Arc. He'll turn around and stab you in the back, or try to, anyway. I don't think Doug really cares.