Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back to the Future

In college I was mostly interested in signal processing, image processing and pattern recognition. My first job as a test and experimentation engineer in the Israeli Defense Force was very much in tune with that, and produced successful programs still used to this day. My future was going to be doing that. Astronauts and space exploration have always been a fascination, an unatteinable goal to be marveled and admired for many reasons as a kid growing up in Israel.

Then I had a little detour - for the last thirteen years I've had different roles in two software companies, ranging from a part time software engineer to a manager of sixteen engineers building a security suite used by millions of customers.

Two weeks ago I took a vacation and visited the Kennedy Space Center. A slap in the face wouldn't do what that visit did.

I decided to go back to the future I had as a young engineer - back to a research, and back to the stars, in one form or another, now more attainable than as a kid growing up in Israel.

I'm hoping it will be interesting for people to see my new path unfold. I'm hoping to inspire and get inspired by the people I'll meet on the way, people who may also have dreams and want to reach for the stars, figuratively and literally.

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Eyal Herlin said...

best of luck on your new path mate...great story! :)